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Photo: Jörn Hartmann, Dominic Ernst


It’s all about rock’n’roll, love and the clash of generations in the top-notch and elementally entertaining crowd-pleaser Ku’damm 56, which premiered in 2021, but it’s relevant again right now, as part 2 of the musical OPENS in Berlin on 5 May. GOT TO SEE THIS has warmed up for the sequel.

Berlin’s musical theatre scene is rich in musicality, with a wealth of strong performers,vocalists and bands that not only plays damn well, but also sound damn good.

Compared to London’s musical theatre scene, it’s as if the Germans are going for a slightly heavier and harder-rockin’ style, with a hammeringly effective playout that really kicks ass live. 

Many already know Ku’damm 56 from the ZDF TV series The Girls from Berlin whose three seasons can still be streamed as definitely approved entertainment. The musical version of Annette Hess has conquered Berlin, Munich and Frankfurt, selling up to half a million tickets and winning numerous awards.

The musical is characterized by being less flow TV-like and getting straight to the point. Musically, the successful German songwriting duo Peter Plate and Ulf Leo Sommer have succeeded in creating a catchy soundtrack that is both raw and heartfelt.

The signature tune Berlin, Berlin is an instant hit, while a glorious rumba number adds extra sparkle to the proceedings.

The duo was also behind the extremely well-realised Romeo & Juliet (Liebe’s Alles), which you can read my review of here.

Ku’damm 56 is set in 1956 Berlin, where the scent of new beginnings grows with the post-war wirtschaftswunder and a burgeoning faith in the future.

The story revolves around single dance school owner Caterina Schöllack and her three daughters, who find themselves embroiled in a series of complicated lovestories, along with a reckoning with old role models and conservative values.

It vibrates with rock’n roll, leather jackets, pomade hair, jeans and pop skirts in a visually stunning production with flashy set and sparkling lighting design.

Well-presented entertainment with high intensity, fun and lots of young energy – and with an undertone of emotional depth that makes Ku’damm 56 something more than just a German version of Grease.

Beautifully choreographed dance numbers mix with rape, fights and festive flirting. And who knows if the father, who had disappeared during the war on the Eastern Front, suddenly turns up as a convinced communist and adds fuel to the fire.

The Girls From Berlin will write new chapters when the eagerly awaited sequel Ku’damm 59 opens at Theater des Westens on 5 May.

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